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Your choices
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You may not think about it when you’re grocery shopping, but you have the power to change the world, simply by the products you choose to buy. This is especially true when it comes to palm oil.

Palm oil is found in roughly 50% of all supermarket products – but you wouldn’t know it. Whilst this hidden ingredient may not directly change your life, the unsustainable production of palm oil is destroying somebody else’s.

To make way for palm oil plantations, rainforests in Southeast Asia are being cleared at a rate equal to 300 football fields every hour to keep up with demand. With this relentless destruction comes the loss of irreplaceable habitat, wildlife endangerment and enormous CO2 emissions.

The choices you make at the checkout can quite literally change this.

The switch to
sunflower oil

Removing palm oil and all its derivatives from the Darrell Lea range has been no small feat. It’s taken almost two years and the discontinuation of some of our products to make the transition possible.

Having reviewed over 200 different ingredients, we felt sunflower oil was the best substitute from an environmental and product quality perspective.

Also unlike oils such as coconut, sunflower oil doesn’t require a tropical environment in which to grow, therefore isn’t linked to rainforest deforestation.

Why can't I see
palm oil in the

Australian labelling laws don’t require products to specify exactly what oils they contain, so it’s quite tricky to make an informed decision. Instead the term ‘vegetable oil’ is used to disguise the real ingredient, therefore consumers don’t know what they’re consuming.

We have replaced 100% of palm oil with sunflower oil across Darrell Lea branded products. We are currently in the process of replacing our packaging to reflect ‘sunflower oil’ in the ingredients. As you can imagine, replacing millions of individual products all over the country takes time. Our aim is to have all packaging updated by March 2021.

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